ANDYSHUANGLIWelcome to Andy Shuang Li’s Digital Work Website.

Andy was born in Fuzhou, China, enjoying his childhood in this beautiful southern city. When he was about 10, Andy moved to Shanghai with his family and grew up there.

Living in the big international city Shanghai was a great experience for Andy.He started to learn guitar in High school and made some lifetime friends. They played basketball and video games together, “breaking the rules” and sharing unforgettable moments.

Having a mania about all the digital things, Andy began his digital journey in 2006.At that time, he learned to produce music and videos, managing to take some cool pix.During his stay in Beijing, Andy worked as a Sound Engineer for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, taking all the sound processing techniques he learned into practice. He was working in the Sports Presentation Department with some fabulous teammates. During the summer and winter holiday of 2009, Andy went to Citibank Shanghai and Nokia Shanghai for some internship work, strengthening his products and marketing research skills.

Andy had a great moment in Beijing and finished his undergrad education from Communication University of China in 2010, with a bachelor degree of arts in Communication and Media Studies. During winter of 2011, Andy was invited by his previous supervisor Heng Lv to do the sound engineer job in Guangzhou Asian Games. At the same time, he was working hard on TOEFL and GRE for studying abroad in the future. 

Andy came to US for further learning in 2011 and graduated from Digitalworlds Institute of University of Florida in 2013 spring, with a Master of Arts in Digital Arts and Sciences. After that, Andy started his 2nd Master Degree in 2013 fall.

Andy is now an international graduate student of Hough Business School at UF, pursuing Master of Science in Management. He is still producing music and videos in leisure time. Sometimes he invited his friends here to jam, looking for the inspirations. Andy records everything worth recording in his life. He enjoys the life in Florida and loves to share all the happiness with all his friends. 

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