ANDYSHUANGLII was born in Fuzhou, China and had great childhood there till I moved to Shanghai my 10’s. I grew up in Shanghai after the family movement.

I started to learn guitar at Jincai High school and made some lifetime friends. We played basketball and games together, “breaking the rules” and sharing unforgettable moments.

I went to Beijing pursuing for my bachelor degree in 2006. At that time, I learned to produce music and videos, having fun of producing midi music and taking cool pix. I had my first Nikon D80 in 2007, it was a milestone of my photography journey.

During my stay in Beijing, I had great opportunity to work as a Sound Engineer for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, taking all the sound techniques I learned into practice. I was working in the Sports Presentation Department with some great teammates. I had a great moment in Beijing and finished my undergrad education from Communication University of China in 2010, with a bachelor of arts in Communication and Media Studies.

I had my offer from University of Florida and decided to fly to US for graduate study in 2011. After 2-year study and research, I graduated from Digital Worlds Institute of University of Florida in 2013 with a Master of Arts in Digital Arts and Sciences. After that, I went to business study and graduated from Warrington College of Business with my second Master Degree with a master of Science in Management in 2014. The beautiful memories I made in US was truly amazing.

I am currently working as a Business Development Manager at American Express in Shanghai. I’m pursuing my career in the payment industry and the payment is booming in China. Also, I still have my digital mania for all the media stuff. This is my place for all the things matter.


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