I’m now at ECE public lab of University of Minnesota. Kimmy is doing his Ph.D stuff in his lab. Lemme type anything I can recall for these days.

Twin cities simply refer to Minneapolis and Saint Paul. These two cities are next to each other and UM is established in both cities. The well-known American Mall was the first place we visited here in Minnesota. The sweet coldstone gave me a cold welcome hug of this northern city. I went to fish at one of the lakes in Minneapolis and I played some basketball with Kimmy’s friends. Also, I took a lot delicious food. Duck soup was my favorite one and Bento Box was not bad. It’s worth mentioning that I have been to tea house three times and Chinese food there is really traditional in Minneapolis. 

The other day Kimmy drove for around 3 hours from Minneapolis to Duluth Gooseberry Fall State Park. The nature view is the gift of the world. The waterfall sounded graceful and the little cute corgi lightened our day. We enjoyed hiking there. Everything was great.

My childhood buddy John Chen is the alumnus of University of Minnesota. During my stay I met his cousin Yitao Chen and visited his apartment. Taotao introduced some anecdotes about Somalian immigrants and the history of University of Minnesota. I sort of got to know about twin cities a little more.

DOTA2 was definitely a must-do. I got to meet RORO who is the roomie of Kimmy’s APT because of DOTA. Sadly his girlfriend was always angry about RORO’s unstoppable Dota play. That kind of makes sense, it’s very common for DOTAer lol. That happened to a lot my old pals as well. Kimmy cooked for me for the last meal I took in his apartment. What a bro! A little beer was like fireplace, making room warm.

Many thanks for lil-JiaJia and Kimmy’s hospitality these days. Minnesota is cold, and Minnesota is warm. Cheers mate.


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