This is almost the end of this trip, to celebrate 2018, I decided to visit San Francisco again and visit Kimmy. Considering I’ve visited most of the tourism landmarks in SF, I swang by the SF MoMA and took a quick tour. Walker Evans is quite impressive and inspirational, having the reputation of one the most important photographer in the States. Walker came into public’s attention during the Great Depression in late 20’s. MoMA hosted the personal photography exhibition for him 80 years ago. I kinda learnt more about photography in this tour.

Kimmy is working in a medical equipment company called iRhythm as a data scientist. It’s in the downtown area of SF, sitting next to Zynga. The Uber experience here is very smooth, it didn’t took long for me to wait for the pick-up. The office is so RED , being filled with several entertainment facilities. We played snooker and Kimmy treated me with dinner, the Japanese Food. Thanks my friend.

San Francisco is still the top 1 city from my perspective. Driving here is challenging but fun, and people are always friendly. Been surrounded by mountains and sea, peaks and ocean, SF is definitely the star in the west coast. These are all you can ask for when chasing for a dream life. I’ll fly back to SH tomorrow, I had fun and will miss every buddy I met here in Cali. Ciao.


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